Teen Drug Rehab Treatment Options

Drug use and drug abuse among teenagers has become all too common. Even more troubling, addiction is a complex disease, particularly when it afflicts a young person and negatively affects the family unit. If your teenager is suffering from a substance use disorder, then the negative effects of addiction may have already impacted your life.

As a result, you may be in need of quality resources and educational guidance to make the right choices for your family moving forward. Indeed, it is important to know if and when a teen drug rehab center becomes the best available option for your son or daughter. Our goal is to support you in the process of learning the basics of how to find help for your teenager’s addiction.

Very often a teen treatment center or a drug rehab for teens is not the end of the road. Rather, it is a new beginning. A quality teen rehab center not only saves lives, but also opens the door to a positive future.

About Teen Rehab

Today, the need for teen drug rehab centers and teen treatment centers has never been greater. With recent media indicating that more teens die from prescription drug misuse than heroin and cocaine abuse combined, the current drug epidemic is taking on different dimensions, leading to the cataclysmic result of teen overdoses and deaths.

Indeed, teen drug abuse is a challenging issue today for every parent.

The mission of TeenRehab.org is to provide parents with expert support regarding teen drug rehab, beginning with the basics. We want to give you reliable information so you will know if and when teen rehab makes sense for your son or daughter. Hence, we know you need help you recognize the signs and symptoms of teen drug use and teen substance abuse. Together, we can help your troubled teen. 

“From my personal experiences in recovery, I see teenagers who may be struggling with mental health and or substance abuse disorders as not broken, but often as the brightest lights our society has to offer. As a recent parent, I see it as our collective duty to educate ourselves towards the realities and evolving treatment innovation surrounding teen rehab and our country’s youth facing addiction. Such challenges that often go hand-in-hand with battling teen depression, teen anxiety, trauma and eating disorders amongst other mental health disorders.”

— Jamison Monroe,
CEO and Founder of Newport Academy

Teen Drug Use Statistics

Below are some basic statistics about teenage drug use and co-occurring disorders:

  • As many as 6 in 10 people with a substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health condition
  • Fewer than 10% of people with co-occurring disorders receive treatment for both conditions
  • More than half of teenagers with co-occurring disorders receive no treatment whatsoever

These teen drug use statistics may drive parents and loved ones to want to learn more about teen drug addiction, dual diagnoses, and teen rehab. Thus, we’ve created resources to answer your questions and empower you to seek the help your family needs. Given the deadly nature of the disease of addiction, proactive steps need to be taken.

Teen Drug Rehab Resources

In alignment with our mission to raise awareness surrounding teen substance abuse and drug abuse, through providing viable treatment and teenage rehab programs for teens and families struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, we’ve compiled a robust library to inform, educate, and serve as a resource to our greater community.

With teen overdose rates skyrocketing, it can be crucial not to take chances. Even the first-time teens experiment with drugs can be the last. Too many young people are being lost every day in this country. Thus, you never want your teenager to become another statistic. And neither do we. Please get help if help is needed.

Indeed, our mission is to serve you with the facts around what is a dangerous epidemic facing our teens, their families, and our country. We ultimately hope to have a positive impact by helping families and teens live healthy and happier lives.

Teen Rehab and Co-Occurring Disorders

Sometimes, mental disorders like teen depression and teen anxiety trigger substance abuse. When a teen struggles both with a mental health issue and a substance use disorder, the official term is “co-occurring disorders.” However, you might have heard it referred to as dual diagnosis as well.

If your teen is suffering from a co-occurring disorders, you do not need to panic. Indeed, co-occurring disorders are very common in this day and age. However, they do usually require the professional help delivered by a rehab for teens or a teen treatment center to address the two challenges of a substance use disorder and mental health issue at once. 

How a Teen Drug Rehab Can Help Your Teen

Today, there are many different types of drug rehabilitation programs for teenagers including residential facilities, day schools, and outpatient programming both in your local area as well as in another state. It can be difficult to know what facility will meet the needs of your teenager and what questions you should be asking to find a reputable teen rehab. After all, no two teen drug rehab centers operate the same way and cater to the same types of clients.

Teenrehab.org will help you find the right place for your teenager through the help of resource articles that can inform your decisions, including what questions to ask.

Taking action and figuring out your family’s options is the best course to take when faced with teenage substance use or co-occurring disorders. It is always better to be safe than sorry. We have seen too many parents shrug off teen substance use disorder as “growing pains” and “not a big deal.” Later, they came back to us with tragic stories of young lives lost. When a teen’s safety is at stake, parents must take substance abuse seriously.

Don’t Wait To Get Help

We know how difficult it is to reach out and ask for help. Asking for help is the first and the most challenging step on the road to recovery. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with teen depression, teen anxiety, mental health issues or teenage substance abuse, the most important thing is to seek professional help.

As we have seen time and time again, the specialized care accessed at a teen treatment center often leads directly to lasting recovery.

Our caring team of addiction recovery specialists at Newport Academy, a series of evidence-based healing centers for adolescents and families struggling with mental health issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse, are here 24/7 to help you take that first step and find the best quality treatment for your child.

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