How to Prioritize Mental Health in the New Year

The end of a year is a time to look back and reflect, and the beginning of the next year is a perfect opportunity for clearing the slate and looking ahead with renewed positivity. Hence, it’s a great time for everyone in the family to renew their focus on mental wellness—and particularly for teens, who …

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Can I Prevent My Teen from Holiday Drinking?

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year when friends and family come together, perhaps this year over Zoom or FaceTime, and celebrate the year past and the anticipation for the year ahead. Often, it is also a time when the home liquor cabinet and refrigerator is stocked with alcohol and holiday drinking is …

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Repairing the Parent-Teen Relationship Before It’s Too Late

Parenting teens can be difficult. The closer to adulthood children get, the more likely they are to try to push away from their parents and become their own person. However, some teens push particularly hard, creating more conflict within their families—especially if they suffer from mental health disorders or substance abuse. In return, some parents …

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