5 Confidence Boosters for Teens

Sometimes we need a little something to boost our mood and get us thinking positively about ourselves again. It can be easy to become self-conscious, especially with all the pressures of teenage life. Thankfully, there are some many simple ways to build your confidence back up. Spend some time thinking about whether there is anything missing from the following list in your life, and if there is, start incorporating it into your daily life. Confidence and happiness await!

Accept Compliments

It’s hard for many people to accept compliments, especially if they don’t come your way often. But the next time someone pays you a compliment, accept it gracefully and acknowledge that someone sees something unique and beautiful in you that they want to share with you. Accepting compliments allows us to see in ourselves what others see, which is not always the way we look at ourselves.

Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts can come in different forms—affirmations, pats on the back, or just telling yourself in the mirror every morning that you are beautiful. Positive thinking starts a cycle of positivity that leads to more positive thoughts, actions and opportunities. Focus on the good things about you, not the things you don’t like or the things you want to work on. If you notice that you’re thinking negatively about yourself, stop. Take a breath and focus on something that you love about yourself. The same goes for when someone else puts you down or is overly critical; instead of dwelling on what they said, tell yourself something nice and believe it.

teen teenager boy happy smileImage: TaniaVdB

Do What You Love

Whatever your passion is, embrace it and incorporate it into your life as much as possible. Too many of us go through the day without doing something that stimulates our creativity, our passion or our drive. We do what we’re supposed to, not what we want to do. So take that extra step and acknowledge that you are good at something and enjoy doing it. Then, go for it—there are so many opportunities waiting. It might be scary at first to do something simply because it makes you happy, not because it’s what you think is the cool thing to do or what someone else wants you to do. However, doing things you love will naturally make you feel better about yourself and the life you’re leading.

Good People

It’s amazing how much the people around us influence our behavior, thoughts and feelings. Hanging around with a good group of friends makes us feel genuinely happy because we care about them as much as they care about us. No one puts anyone down or talks about them behind their back—instead, good friends lift each other up and help each other get through the rough patches. There are times when we might find ourselves hanging out with people because we think it will make us more popular. But these people won’t have a positive influence on you if you’re not there for the right reasons. Throw away the idea that you need to impress a person in order for them to be your friend—a good friend will love you even with your flaws.

It takes time to build up your confidence, and sometimes the things that make you feel good are the most intimidating. But facing your fears and embracing yourself for who you truly are will bring you the most happiness and self-acceptance in the long-term, allowing you to lead a naturally confident life.

Feature image: cherylholt