How Volunteering Helps Your Teen Stay Out of Trouble

10 May How Volunteering Helps Your Teen Stay Out of Trouble

Volunteering is a valuable way for teens to get involved in causes, meet new people, discover their passions and build work experience.  It can also help them to stay out of trouble and make positive decisions. Here’s how.

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Volunteering Helps Your Teen Stay Out of Trouble

By Teen Rehab

Volunteering has so many benefits for teens and it can even help them to stay out of trouble. Here are some ways how.

  • Breeds Empathy

    By Teen Rehab

    If your teen is helping others by serving meals, assisting the elderly or taking care of others, they are developing powerful empathy skills. This awareness of another’s needs [can help them stay out of risky activities]( that might cause damage, such as violence or vandalism.

  • Creates Purpose

    By Teen Rehab

    Sometimes teens get into trouble because they are bored or don't know how to spend their time positively. [Volunteering can give them a sense of purpose and meaning]( that can help them make better decisions of what to do with their time. 

  • Builds Passion

    By Teen Rehab

    The wonderful thing about volunteering is that it gives teens the opportunity to [discover what they are passionate about]( They can get involved with a variety of organizations, set positive goals and gain work experience that looks great on a resume too. 

  • Cultivates Awareness

    By Teen Rehab

    Volunteering also helps teens [gain a sense of awareness of the world around them]( which can help them make positive life choices. By getting involved in causes surrounding the homeless, the environment, or international conflicts, teens learn that there is more to the world than what they immediately see.

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