What is Tapping? Exploring a New Form of Therapy

Tapping, or “Emotional Freedom Technique,” is a method of therapy used to cure physical and mental struggles by engaging one’s invisible energy pathways.

Sometimes referred to as “psychological acupressure,” tapping is inspired by practices such as acupuncture whose use dates as far back as 1000 BC. Developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s, tapping was created as a way to shorten the length of time a patient stays in therapy.

Unlike acupuncture, tapping doesn’t use any invasive needles. Instead, individuals use their fingertips to tap on certain pressure points to input kinetic energy into the body.

Tapping is meant to help an individual remove negative emotions. To do this, an individual focuses on specific problems while tapping, with their fingers, on a what is called an “endpoint of an energy meridian.” Each endpoint also corresponds to an organ or part of the body.


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Those who use tapping say they feel a freedom and release from the bonds of their negative emotions and self-perceptions.

To see tapping in action, watch this introductory video. In it, you will see and hear tapping described in more detail, as well as the actual physical tapping movements taking place.


Feature image Dr. Wendy Longo