The Need for Teen Rehab California Swells

Teen Rehab California


The need for teen rehab California has exploded into a real necessity as drug and alcohol rehab for teenagers is more in demand than ever before. As the center for drug and alcohol rehab treatment in the United States, California rehabs in particular have been on the cutting edge of the treatment industry for years. Given the number of available options for California drug rehab for teenagers, teen rehab California has become a common phrase and an even more common Google search term. Many parents choose rehabs in California for their teens due to a lack of treatment options and beds in so many states around the country.

In a detailed study of 10 Facts About Teen Drug Abuse, well-respected California teen rehab Newport Academy reports on the following data that clarifies the need for teen rehab California. The recovery experts at Newport Academy report that, “According to the most recent Monitoring the Future Survey from the National Institute on Drug Abuse… 36 percent of high school seniors use marijuana… and 6 percent report daily use… Furthermore, drug use in teens goes up in states with medical marijuana laws, compared to states without them. In 2016, 38 percent of high school seniors in states with medical marijuana laws reported marijuana use, compared to 33 percent in nonmedical marijuana states.”

Since California is a state that has legalized not only medical marijuana, but recreational use of cannabis as well, California rehabs are in demand.

Vetting Teenage Rehab Centers California

Although there are many teenage rehab centers California, particularly in Southern California, the quality bounces like a pinball between two extremes. Some California rehabs for teenagers are fully qualified and certified by the state and the federal government providing quality care. However, many California rehabs are shady at best, failing to meet only the minimum requirements as they focus their energies on client brokering and cashing insurance checks. Trying to steer consumers away from wrongdoing when it comes to teen rehab California, the state authorities have Directories for Substance Use Disorder Services on the California website. On the California Department of Health Care Services government page, the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) divisions maintain directories of-licensed and certified facilities and programs, county alcohol and other drug offices, and referral information. Although a bit difficult to use and not well-organized, at the very least, it’s a step towards informing parents of options. Ultimately, the goal is to create a state-wide vetting system that separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to teenage rehab centers California. After all, given the intense need for quality rehabs in California, the stakes are too high to do anything less than provide an accurate and efficient roadmap for parents and caregivers.

Teen Rehab California

Criteria for Teen Rehab Centers in California

When vetting teen rehab centers in California, a parent needs to know the right questions to ask. The following ten questions can assist you in narrowing down your options when choosing teen rehab California, thus helping you make an informed choice that can help your teenager and your family heal:

  1. Does the program have a residential waiting list? How soon can my teenager’s treatment program begin?
  2. Is your facility certified and licensed? By the state? By what bodies?
  3. Is your facility qualified to provide safe medical detox services?
  4. How much does treatment cost and is insurance accepted?
  5. What services and treatment options set your facility apart?
  6. What treatment professionals are on staff? Doctors? Therapists? Counselors?
  7. What is the ratio of patients to staff members?
  8. What is the time span of a standard course of treatment? How long does it last?
  9. Do you provide follow-up outpatient services after inpatient treatment?
  10. Does your facility have a family program? Can we visit our teenager?

Once these questions have been addressed, learning the differences and discriminating between teen rehab centers California becomes that much easier. After all, like with anything else in life, an informed decision in regards to rehabs in California is a better decision.

Hence, better decisions lead to better outcomes. When it comes to choosing a drug and alcohol rehab for a young person in peril, only the best outcomes will suffice.

Picking Rehabs in California Means Understanding the Challenge

When it comes to picking the right California drug rehab for your teenager, you need to understand the challenge at hand. Beyond asking the pertinent questions about teen rehab California, you need to ask the right questions about your teen and the tough challenge being faced by your family. Illumination of the problem and how to begin to find help will follow.

On the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) website, they offer a powerful guide. On a page entitled – What to Do If Your Teen or Young Adult Has a Problem with Drugs–the national recovery experts outline many questions that need to be asked while providing a guideline for understanding potential answers they offer.

At the same time, you will find the same quality information available on this site from our professional staff when you decide to pick up the phone and contact us. We understand that this process can be overwhelming. Thus, we are here to help.

Teen treatment approaches for rehabs in California should be tailored to address your teen’s substance abuse patterns. Moreover, their specific medical, psychiatric, and social problems should be addressed as well. Thus, a careful assessment, both medical and psychological, needs to be part of the process.

What’s essential to understand when it comes to teen rehab California is that outpatient programs and stay-at-home solutions tend not to work. Overall, it has been shown that adolescents do much better in residential treatment. Most importantly, it takes them out of their using environment, which unfortunately often has become the home, and allows them to find recovery in the safe cocoon of a teen treatment program.

Teen Rehab California

Finding a California Drug Rehab = Being Proactive

As we come to the end of this support article, we want to commend you for taking a big step and investigating your options. Still, it’s important to note that this is only the first step. To successfully choose from teenage rehab center California for your young person in crisis, you need to continue to be proactive.

Undoubtedly, rest assured that we can help. Indeed, our primary goal is to stem the awful tide of the national teen drug epidemic and save young lives. Please take action before your teenager becomes another grim statistic. Often, drug and alcohol rehab can be the difference between further descent or a successful recovery for your teen.