How to Maintain a Healthy Mind & Body

Hikers walking to mountainsBusy people often find it difficult to maintain their health. Children and adolescents are likely to ignore their needs in order to engage in social situations or other activities. The invention of smartphones has led to a rise in teen laziness. Fortunately, there are several things that parents can do to help their children stay active, healthy, and stress-free.

Provide the right foods.

This step is the first in maintaining a healthy weight. To begin with, portion control is important and can become a habit for youngsters as they grow older. Start by having your child use measuring cups and scales to serve their meals and snacks. Soon they will be able to determine appropriate serving sizes without the use of these tools. Next, parents should try to offer the right snacks. If you don’t have processed, frozen, and store bought snacks, your child is more likely to take advantage of the healthier options they find in the kitchen. Color-filled baskets can be welcoming and frozen fruits can easily be turned into homemade smoothies. Dried fruits are naturally sweet and make great on-the-go snacks for kids. Vegetables such as carrots and celery are also easily transported in backpacks and duffel bags. Finally, parents should make home cooked meals a priority. By making fresh, whole food dinners and home baked goodies, parents and children can be sure of what they are ingesting. Dinners should include protein, a “whole” starch, and of course a serving each of fruits and vegetables.

Turn off the WiFi.

It may sound like an old-wives’ tale, but a body in motion really does stay in motion. Physical activity in teens can be achieved. They just need to have their access to social media and video games reduced. By turning off the wifi, or setting parental restrictions on cellular use, children are more likely to head outside and into the real world. Parents that participate in physical activity with their teenagers not only keep themselves healthier, but also provide a good example that can last a lifetime. Oftentimes, teens just need their parents’ time, support, and encouragement to enjoy their favorite activities. Adolescents that remain physically active are less likely to suffer from the depression, addiction, and eating disorders that could cause them to need the services offered by teen rehabilitation counseling.

Be engaged.

Many working parents suffer from exhaustion and stress, but this should never stop them from being fully involved in their child’s life. It is not enough to simply provide food, clothing, and shelter. There are several ways in which parents can remain engaged in the lives of their children. First, experts agree that parents should get all the information about social events and then double check that information. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this task is by getting to know their teen’s friends and their parents. Parents of teenagers, especially, should talk to their child about how they spend their time or if they see any changes in behavior, activities, or social groups.Giving teenagers clear boundaries and consequences and following through when rules are broken is another way to instill respect. Parents should also strive to be involved in school functions, communication, and studying. Adolescents need to know they have a support system at home, even if they would deny this fact if questioned.

Parents must work hard at knowing their teens in order to ensure they grow into responsible members of society. Encouraging safe self-discovery goes a long way to helping teens forge a strong, positive identity. Additionally, providing teenagers with healthy food and activity choices can provide lifelong habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.