How to Budget for Rehab

If you or someone you know has made the decision to go to rehab, this can bring up many concerns and emotions. Unfortunately, stress about the costs associated with a rehab program can be one of them.

Rehab centers vary widely in cost, but they are certainly a financial investment. The first step in figuring out how you are going to budget for rehab is to identify what you’re looking for in a program by exploring various options and price points. For example, a luxury rehab center will be the most expensive and typically caters to high-profile individuals such as professional athletes or actors.

Standard drug treatment programs may not offer high end luxuries, but they are also much more affordable. These tend to be $10,000 to $20,000 per month, on average.


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If you have private insurance, you might be able to find a treatment program that accepts this as payment, lowering your costs further. You can also choose an outpatient program, which cuts back on housing and food costs. Neighborhood healthcare facilities also might have some drug and addiction support groups such as Al-Anon for free or very little cost.

In order to find the program that will work best for you, it’s vital that you contact various facilities and ask them about their fees and options for payment plans. Some places will require a down payment, but then you will be able to set up a payment schedule for the remaining balance.

While a rehab program is certainly an investment in yours or your teen’s life, it’s also very important to be realistic about your finances when you’re researching rehab program options.

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