6 Books for Parents Dealing With an Addicted Teen

Knowing how to support your teen if they are living with an addiction can be extremely challenging. Here are six books to offer insight, perspective and tips from both parents and professionals.

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1. Don’t Let Your Kids Kill You – Charles Rubin

Don't Let Your Kids Kill You Charles Rubin - Teen Rehab Photo by www.barnesandnoble.com

This self-help book for parents shows that they are powerless to stopping or controlling their teen’s self-destructive behavior. Throughout the book, tips are given for self-care and creating a healthy balance between your teen’s struggles and your own.

2. Cyber Junkie – Kevin Roberts

Cyber Junkie Kevin Roberts - Teen Rehab Photo by briskshopping.com

Video game and internet addictions are a very real problem that many parents face today. This book provides insight into scientific and social research around this issue and provides a step-by-step guide towards recovery.

3. The Everything Parent’s Guide to Teenage Addiction

The Everything Parent's Guide To Teenage Addiction Edward Lynam - Teen Rehab
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This book by Edward Lynam helps parents play a supportive and active role in assisting their children on the road towards recovery while providing insight into the complex nature of addiction.

4. It’s Not About You, Except When it is

It's Not About You Except When It Is Barbara Victoria - Teen Rehab
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This book by Barbara Victoria shares the story of a parent’s experience with an addicted teen, giving tips for self-preservation techniques whether they are in or out of recovery.

5. The Journey of the Heroic Parent – Brad Reedy

The Journey Of The Heroic Parent Brad Reedy - Teen Rehab Photo by www.downpour.com

Raising a child is difficult. Throw in mental health conditions or addiction and it only grows more complex and challenging. This book helps parents learn how to lovingly communicate with their child and offers healthy parenting tips.

6. Nice Recovery: A Memoir – Susan Juby

Nice Recovery Susan Juby - Teen Rehab Photo by www.librarybound.com

This memoir provides perspective and understanding by walking through the journey of teen addiction and recovery.

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