4 Must-Read Op-Eds About Rehab

Newspapers and online news sites are excellent places to find up-to-date information about mental health and addiction. Here are four must-read articles about rehabilitation and treatment.

1. “When Drug Addiction Conquers All”

Photo by kohlmann.sascha

Posted by the LA Times, this article shares the tragic story of Noah, who died at 26 from his drug addiction. It’s written from the perspective of the mother of Noah’s friend, who is in recovery for his addiction too. This piece shares the “what if” side of addiction—what if different decisions had been made and what if Noah had gone through recovery too?

2. “The Next Step in Drug Treatment”

Photo by Mustafa Khayat

This New York Times piece focuses on the changes in drug laws, the inclusion of treatment for those with convictions and the importance of delivering quality services to those in need.

3. “Why the US Fails at Treating Addiction”

Photo by Don Fulano

This op-ed, posted on Live Science, discusses the troubling reality of rehabilitation funding in the United States. It discusses the stigma associated with addiction and how that has resulted in underfunded care for those living with addiction.

4. “Schools Should Accommodate Those Struggling With Addiction”

Photo by garryknight

This op-ed posted by the University of Texas talks about the reality of teen drug addiction and the importance of expanding rehabilitation schools for youth.

Feature image Rik Lomas