7 Articles to Read About Teen Substance Abuse

If you, your teen or someone you know is abusing drugs or alcohol you might be wondering what to do. An important first step is to begin understanding this issue better, which can be achieved through speaking to a professional as well conducting your own research. To get started, here are 7 articles you should read about teen substance abuse.

1. “Legal Drugs That Are Highly Addictive for Teens”

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Often, when we think of drugs, we start by picturing hard, illegal street drugs like heroin or cocaine. While these are very real risks for teens, there are other drugs that are used even more nowadays: legal prescription drugs. This article provides an outline of some drugs with highly addictive properties that you might be unaware of.

2. “What You Need to Know About Overdoses”

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Overdose is a serious risk associated with drug abuse that could even lead to death. Therefore, it’s important to educate yourself and your teen on the reality of this potential hazard. This article will give you an understanding of what overdoses are and the trauma that your body suffers during that experience.

3. “Drug Facts: High School & Youth Trends”

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This article, written by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) outlines statistics on drug use and attitudes towards drugs amongst American teens which helps to create an understanding of the country’s youth drug trends.

4. “The Differences Between Stimulants

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Stimulants and depressants are two different categories of drugs. This article outlines the differences between the two including their effects, risks and some examples of each.

5. “I Think My Teen Has a Drug Addiction. What Do I Do?”

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If you’re a parent, coming to the realization that your teen might have a drug addiction can be extremely troubling. This article helps you to understand the best way to react and respond to get your teen the support that they need.

6. “5 Things You Should Know About Binge Drinking”

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Binge drinking is a risky activity that many teens engage in when they are at parties, school events, a friends house or even at home. If you’re unfamiliar with binge drinking including what it is and what the risks associated with it are, then this article will provide you with useful background information.

7. “Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Topic Overview”

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Finally, if you’re still looking for information on teen alcohol and drug abuse, WebMD articles cover several facets including reasons why teens might use drugs, signs of teen drug abuse and potential risks drug abuse can cause.

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