Alcohol is Legal, But Here’s Why It’s So Unsafe

A question that is commonly asked is, “if alcohol is so poisonous, then why is it legal?” Here are a few reasons as to why alcohol is so unsafe, despite being legal.


Alcohol is highly addictive, and people—especially those with addictive personalities—can develop a dependence on the drink. Alcoholism can lead to mental illness and chronic health problems, such as heart attack and fluctuating blood pressures, and the withdrawal process can cost you your life.Wine Pouring into Glass - Teen Rehab Photo by Wojtek Szkutnik

Deadly Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is the only substance withdrawal that can kill a person. It may cause shaking, seizures, and delirium tremens—confusion, increased and rapid heart rate, and fever. It can also cause aspirations, which are when the toxins from the stomach lining are breathed into the lungs, blocking sufficient amounts of oxygen from getting into the lungs and leading to death.
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Weakened Immune System

A steady diet of alcohol will hurt the immune system, making it easier to contract illness and disease. Because the body is being beaten down from all the alcohol, it is not working at its optimal level—or even basic level. Even binge-drinking can damage the immune system for up to 24-hours post-drinking.

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Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a major cause of death in the U.S.—nearly 30 people are killed daily as a result of drunk driving incidents. Not only are you putting yourself, your passengers and anyone else on the road at risk when you get behind the wheel after a few drinks, you could land yourself in jail.

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Jail Time

There are many ways alcohol-related incidents can land you in jail: drunk driving is a highly criminal offense, as is public intoxication and selling to or buying alcohol for minors (anyone under 21 in the U.S.). Depending on the charge, you can spend years behind bars for a drunk driving charge.

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