5 Ways Teens Are Consuming Alcohol Unconventionally

Sipping a drink appears to be out of style, but there are new ways to consume alcohol—no sipping required.

It is still possible to get alcohol poisoning by using these methods. In fact, it is actually more likely to happen with these unconventional methods since in many of them including absorption of alcohol directly into the bloodstream or mucous membranes rather than through the digestive system.

These are all very dangerous ways of consuming alcohol and should not be attempted. Be sure to talk to your teen about alcohol abuse and safety. Being aware of these alternate consumption methods may allow you to discover a problem before it starts.

    1. Inhaling: Companies are coming out with alcohol vaporizers that heat up the liquid and create a vapour that you can breathe in and become intoxicated from.
    2. Enema: Enemas are inserted into the rectum and alcohol is absorbed into the membranes of the anus. Known as “butt chugging” this form of consumption has gained popularity, despite how dangerous it is.
    3. Tampons: Similar to enemas, alcohol-soaked tampons are inserted into body cavities where mucous membranes absorb the alcohol.
    4. Injection: Like many hard drugs, alcohol is being injected into the bloodstream with needles, which is dangerous for many reasons. Ensuring your teen knows the dangers of alcohol abuse and needle use is very important.
    5. Snorting: The mucous membranes in your nose absorb the snorted alcohol quickly and will get you drunk faster than drinking. This method can also irritate the nose and cause sinus related problems.

Feature image Jamie Dobson