4 Ways to Prep Your Teen for Parties

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It can be hard as a parent knowing your teen is off to a party where there may be drugs and alcohol, but there are ways to prepare them and keep them safe when they go out.

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Talk to Them About It

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Talk to your teen about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol. Tell them there is nothing wrong with saying “no” if they do not want to participate in drinking or smoking at parties. Their friends will respect them for sticking to their morals.

Be There for Them

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Tell your teen that you will be available to help them if they do drink or do drugs. You’d rather they call you for a ride than drive home drunk themselves and risk putting themselves and others in danger.

Offer to Host

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Offer to host the next party at your house. That way, you can control whether or not there are drugs and alcohol at the party and who can come and go.

Set Ground Rules

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Set some ground rules for your teen, such as a curfew and clear expectations for communication on the night of a party. Let them know there will be consequences if they break the rules.