4 Benefits of Technology for Teens

Sometimes it is hard for parents to see the benefits of technology for teens. After all, when teens spend endless hours playing video games or staring at their smartphones, technology can feel more like a burden than a benefit. However, in today’s challenging world, both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the positive effects of …

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10 Tips for Keeping Positive During a Difficult Time

Keeping positive and maintaining an optimistic attitude is more important today than perhaps ever before. We all have been struggling to navigate the difficulties of this global pandemic. For some, COVID-19 has taken a toll on physical health, but it has also taken a toll on mental health. For those who may have lost a …

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How to Thrive on Valentine’s Day Single

Valentine’s Day and the art of emotional self-care are like partners in an annual dance. Indeed, one of the best questions for young people in recovery to ask is how to survive Valentine’s Day single while remaining in a positive state of mind. After all, it’s a challenge to survive Valentine’s Day single because there …

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