The Dangers of Negative Peer Pressure in Teens

Negative peer pressure in teens is a challenge that has been well known and persistent. However, the dangers of negative peer pressure in teens is becoming more pervasive and harder to combat given the rise of social networking and mobile devices. As a result, peer pressure can follow teenagers wherever they go. Such constant peer …

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How to Cope With High School Stress and Academic Anxiety

A difficult combination of teen academic anxiety and high school stress is plaguing American teenagers today. Academic anxiety and exam stress is steadily increasing, leading to unexpected mental health challenges. Hence, coping with school stress is a pressing health concern today in the United States. Parents need to develop tools to help kids build resilience, …

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5 Documentaries and Films About Bullying

Some people underestimate the seriousness of bullying and the long-term effects it can have on teens. In fact, one of the consequences of bullying can be adult depression. Watching a few movies about bullying is a great way to shed some light on the matter and help you understand just how much of a negative impact …

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