How to Cope With High School Stress and Academic Anxiety

A difficult combination of teen academic anxiety and high school stress is plaguing American teenagers today. Academic anxiety and exam stress is steadily increasing, leading to unexpected mental health challenges. Hence, coping with school stress is a pressing health concern today in the United States. Parents need to develop tools to help kids build resilience, …

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What Is A Mental Health Evaluation and How Can It Help?

When the behavior of a teenager begins to worry a parent, the question of “What is a mental health evaluation, and how can it help?” is essential to ask. Given the negative stigma about mental health in the United States, mental health is often misunderstood and a clearer picture is needed. By starting with an …

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Counselor Vs. Therapist – Differences and Similarities

The terms counseling and therapy are often used synonymously. There are, however, core differences between psychological counseling and psychotherapy. For one thing counseling is generally a more short-term solution as opposed to therapy which is more long term and focuses on a wider scope of issues. What do Therapists do? Therapists focus primarily on long …

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