Where Do Teens Hide Their Drugs?

If you’re nervous that your teen might be using drugs but want to know for sure before confronting them about it, you might want to search for any substances they’ve left in the house.

While it’s important to respect your teen’s space and privacy, there are a few places you might want to check if you think your teen is using drugs.

Backpack On The Staircase - Teen RehabIn Their Bedroom

Teens see their bedrooms as their private place and may hide their drugs amongst their things. They also might hide their drugs in a sibling’s room, especially if they believe they could get caught.

Teenager Bedroom Drug-Hiding-Spot - Teen RehabBehind the Walls

Air vents, baseboards and insulation are easy hiding spots for drugs and alcohol. Loose screws and boards may signal your teen is hiding something behind the walls.

Behind Wall Drug Hiding-Spot - Teen RehabIn Hollowed-out Spaces

Drugs can be easily stored in hollowed-out and flexible spaces like books, jewelry boxes, socks and pillow-cases.

Drugs Hidden In Drawers - Teen RehabIn An Old Drink Bottle

Your teen may fill an old juice, water or mouthwash bottle with alcohol, hoping to disguise the beverage as water in an old container. Alternatively, there exist specialty safe stashes that look like cans of pop, but actually open to reveal a hiding spot inside.

Hiding Alcohol In Bottles - Teen RehabWith Household Medicine

Using Ibuprofen, cold or other prescription medication containers as a cover, teens might try to hide their drugs out in the open so as not to raise suspicion.

Prescription Pill Container - Teen Rehab

Feature Image: Jay Mantri