Is Your Teen Getting Drugs Online?

With online purchases for prescription drugs as an option, drugs are even more accessible to teens. Here are some ways to tell if your teen is buying drugs through the internet.

Internet History

Check the internet history of your home computer, which logs all websites visited. However, be mindful of the fact that histories can be deleted. If your teen has their own computer, ask for their permission before you go snooping—you may be concerned, but you don’t want to invade their privacy.

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Credit Statements

Online purchases usually require a credit card. If your teen has a credit card, check the monthly statements, which will tell you where every purchase was made. Look for anything that seems out of the ordinary, as some online dealers will have cover up names for their businesses.

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Talk to Them

If you have suspicions that your teen is doing drugs, talk to them. If they reveal they are doing drugs, ask them for their source. If they are getting drugs off the internet, block websites and take away their credit card so they can’t make purchases. But most importantly, listen to them and get them professional help.

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Familiarize Yourself

Do some research on the popular sites to buy drugs from, such as Tor and Evolution. Understand how these websites work by investigating user anonymity, the transaction process and the delivery system. Use your knowledge to check your teen’s behavior—how often they’re using their credit card, visiting these websites or receiving strange packages in the mail.

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