Sneaky Web Behavior: Is It A Sign Your Child Is Doing Drugs?

The internet is a useful tool, but it can also be abused. Teens are spending more and more time online these days, and their habits may show signs of their involvement in new recreational activities. Here are some ways to help parents tell if their kids are doing drugs based on their internet usage.

Photo by Miki Czetti

Understand the Internet

Before you start accusing or questioning your child on their seemingly suspicious internet usage, take some time to really understand how the internet works and how teens are using it. What social media apps are the most popular right now? What sites does your teen visit most frequently?

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Limit Internet Time

If your teen is acting suspicious, restrict their time on the internet. This may be difficult to monitor if they have a smart phone and data usage, but you can make more restrictions based on the amount of technology and internet access your teen has. The goal of this restriction is to see if their strange behavior changes when they are on the internet. If they act the same way with and without the internet, you should try looking elsewhere for the problem.

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Talk to Your Teen

Talk to your teen about their internet usage—what sites do they visit most, how much time are they spending online everyday, and what is their main purpose for their internet usage? Be understanding and not accusatory and make sure they know you are asking out of love and to make sure they are being safe.

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“Friend” Your Teen

Adding your teen on social media is another way to see what they’re up to online. Teens share a lot of information online, some of which is more telling than they probably realize. Understand that you are not doing this to snoop, but to make sure your teen is staying safe while browsing the web.

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