How to Help Prevent Your Teen From Trying Drugs

Parenting teens means addressing many of the struggles they face daily and supporting them throughout. Drugs, along with their risks and temptations, is one thing that will need to be discussed. Here are some of the ways that you can support your teen and help them to make positive choices.

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Maintain Open Communication

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The foundation to a positive relationship with your teen is open and honest communication. It’s important to stay engaged in their life in order to support them in their struggles. Let them know that they are encouraged to ask you questions and come to you with concerns. This will help them to feel safe and supported, particularly when they face difficult challenges with drugs.


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Another important element to cover with your teen is drug education. Make sure they know the health, legal and social risks and responsibilities associated with drug abuse so that they are well-equipped to make positive choices.

Set a Good Example

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What you do influences your teen significantly. Therefore, do not use drugs yourself as this will set a positive example for your teen. Furthermore, if you choose to drink, do so in moderation and never drink and drive. Be open to your children asking you questions as well.

Help Them Learn to Say No

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You can also support your teen by helping them learn to say no in different ways. Let them know they can suggest alternative activities, use humor or share their own discomfort. Your teen does not have to shame their friends when they turn them down, but they can still respond and make choices that keep themselves safe.

Help Your Children Make Positive Friendships

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With that in mind, it’s also important to help your teen make positive friendships. Enrol them in activities where they will meet others with their own interests and encourage friendships that are healthy. Invite friends and friends’ parents over for meals to get to know them better too. Positive friends will also help your teen make positive choices.

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