How to Safely Dispose of Prescription Pills

Feature Image: Robert S. Donovan

It’s important to properly dispose of prescription pills, both to protect your personal information and prevent leftover medication from being abused. Here are five tips on disposing prescriptions properly.

1. Read the Label for Instructions

Pill Bottle Label - Teen Rehab

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Check your prescription bottle for any disposal guidelines. If your prescription came with an information booklet or directions, check those as well to learn about safe disposal methods.

2. Research Community Initiatives

Recycling Pill Bottles - Teen Rehab

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Research if your community has a drug take-back program. These allow members of the public to bring unused prescription drugs to a central disposal unit for proper disposal.

3. Disguise Them

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If there are no instructions for safe disposal, mix your old pills with undesirable substances, such as coffee grounds or cat litter, and put them into a sealable container or bag to make them more unrecognizable. Make sure you take the pills out of the prescription container beforehand.

4. Remain Anonymous

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Scratch out your name, phone number and any other identifying information on your prescription bottle before throwing it away.

5. Ask Your Pharmacist

Pharmacist - Teen Rehab

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If you’re concerned about throwing away your old medicine, ask your pharmacist for their advice on how to properly dispose of the pills.