4 Simple Ways to Check in on Your Teen’s Goals

Setting goals is an effective way to stay focused and accomplish what we want to achieve. For teens, especially, goal setting is an important part of learning to follow through; they can set their mind on a task and discover what matters most to them. As a parent, you can help your teen meet their goals, whether it’s improving their grades, getting onto a sports team or living a healthy lifestyle. Here are four constructive ways you can check in on the progress of your teen’s goals.

Have Family Check-Ins

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Goals are beneficial for everyone. One great way to check in on your teen’s goals is by setting your own goals and sharing them with your family. In addition, your family can even establish collective goals that you all work on together! If you schedule family check-in times, that will take some of the pressure off your teen; instead, you can all share your successes and struggles as a family, supporting each other along the way.

Make the Goals Visible

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It’s hard to check in on your teen’s goals if you don’t know what they are! Along with family check-ins, create a place where everyone writes down their goals. You can use the family calendar if the goals are date-oriented, or you can set up a goal board. Keeping goals visible helps them stay at the forefront of everyone’s minds—your teen’s included. You’ll also have natural opportunities to mention them and not feel like you’re intruding on a secret of theirs. Plus, displaying goals in a visible way lets your teen check them off and show everyone how well they’re progressing. It’ll establish goal setting as a positive habit to maintain.

Do Regular Check-Ins

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When planning a check-in for your teen’s goals, you should keep in mind to make them a regular habit. Your teen won’t be taken by surprise when you ask about their goals, and you can address any roadblocks they might be facing. For example, does your teen want to improve their grades? Don’t wait until they get their report card to see if they’ve accomplished this. Instead, they can let you know about homework assignments and test scores, and if they’re struggling, you can suggest proactive remedies like a tutor.

Celebrate Milestones

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One of the most satisfying parts of setting goals is the sense of accomplishment we feel when we achieve them. That said, goals aren’t always about the end of the road, but the journey as well. Setting milestones and celebrating along the way breaks down your teen’s goals into manageable pieces and also keeps your teen motivated as they move forward. Of course, knowing when it’s time to celebrate also gives you an excellent opportunity to check in on your teen’s progress. Ultimately, it’s important to be there to support your teen and stand with them as they learn and grow.

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