Yoga and Recovery: 4 Things to Know

Yoga is not about balancing on your head or how good a pose looks—it is a healing practice and a wonderful option for recovery that allows a person to reflect inwards, release tension and emotions, and learn acceptance, love and peace.

Positive Vibes

There isn’t anything very positive about substance abuse. Addicts don’t often have positive thought processes and they harm their bodies and minds with the drugs they pump into their veins. Choosing to practice yoga is a way of saying that you’re willing to turn your life around for the better, that you are dedicated to your well-being and that of your community. Get ready to feel a lot of positive vibes as soon as you step on your mat.

Girl Smiling - Teen Rehab Photo by sarahstierch

Back to the Body

Drugs and alcohol take a person out of their body and mind, so much so to a point that they don’t have control over their behaviors. A yoga practice is full of physical, mental and emotional sensation and the focus on breath leads a person into the present moment, their mind and their body. When your body starts to feel better, you will start to treat it better.

Girl Yoga at Sunset - Teen Rehab Photo by Kevin Dinkel


Yoga and meditation practices guide a person through a series of poses and breathing exercises to help them focus on the present moment. Overall, this requires a person to be mindful during their practice, and hopefully with time they can bring that mindfulness into the rest of their life. This will help with positive decision-making, kindness, and bring a sense of peace into one’s life.

Girl Yoga Pose - Teen Rehab Photo by Mihai Paraschiv


Yoga practice involves meditation, which teaches a person to bring their awareness into the present moment, rid negative thoughts from their mind, and calm the mind and body with their breathing. It is difficult to sit still and not let our minds wander, but after time, meditation brings feelings of peace and comfort into the body and mind.

Boy Meditating - Teen Rehab Photo by Benjamin Balazs


Feature Image: by Zach Dischner