Why Daily Reflection is Important

Our lives are busy—there’s no doubt about that. Especially with the constant pull from technology to stay engaged, check messages and connect with others, it can be really challenging to take the time to unplug and reflect on our daily life. There are many benefits to regular reflection, and while you might know the obvious ones — relaxing, destressing and refocusing — here are a few that you might not have considered.

Embracing What We’ve Learned

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We learn many lessons throughout our day, but we may not realize it if we don’t take time to reflect on these moments of growth and realization. Pausing at some point in your day allows you to process these moments and digest what you’ve learned.

Staying Present

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Not only are our days busy, but so are our thoughts. So often we’re caught in what’s happening next or what has happened long ago that we’re unable to live in the moment. Taking an active and intentional moment to reflect on our days helps us to appreciate moments as they are, rather than be occupied by the past or future.

Considering Communication or Conflict

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All of us can improve our communication. Taking a moment to reflect lets us consider how our words and actions might have affected another individual—for good or bad. If we’re in a conflict, it also helps us to take some time and space to process that disagreement in order to work towards a solution.

Being Proud of Your Accomplishments

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We all have gifts and strengths that we offer people and the world around us. Unfortunately, if we’re too busy to take time to reflect on these moments of accomplishment, then we might miss them! Instead, take a moment each day to reflect on something big or small that you’re proud of.

Taking Time for Gratitude

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Sometimes we have a bad day. In fact, it might even feel like most of our days are bad. Daily reflection allows you to remember a moment that you’re grateful for. This helps to cultivate a positive outlook and attitude.

Allowing for Creative Moments

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If we are constantly busy then it’s difficult for us to take time to let our creative juices flow or for new ideas to form. This doesn’t mean you have to be an artist, but even just taking a moment to slow your mind down and reflect can help you think of a fresh idea for that problem you’ve been trying to solve or that task you’ve been wanting to accomplish..

Quieting Down a Busy Mind

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Since our days are often hectic, our thoughts and feelings can be too. In addition to reflection, choosing to slow down our thoughts(perhaps by meditating) can give us an opportunity to lessen criticism, anxiety and frantic feelings. This might be easier said that done, but with some intention and practice, even a few moments a day can help your mind to feel refreshed.

Feature Image: Hernan Piñera