Why Believing in Yourself is So Important

As we walk through life, we face many challenges but also moments of success and excitement. Sometimes, we look to others for support, encouragement and affirmation during difficult times. While this might motivate us, believing in ourselves first and foremost is most important. Helping your teen understand why will help them become a confident and independent individual.

Confidence in Risk Taking

teen taking a leap

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While it’s great to have the support of friends and family when considering taking a risk or attempting something new, what your teen ultimately needs to take that leap forward is to believe in him or herself. Having that positive frame of mind helps them move toward action, rather than remaining immobile out of fear or embarrassment.

Confidence to Try Again

Risks are risks because there’s no guarantee that things will turn out exactly as we hope they will. Even so, that doesn’t mean your teen shouldn’t give something another try, even if they didn’t succeed the first time around. A belief in oneself is important because it gives a person the confidence to try again, consider things with a new perspective and ultimately persevere.

Many successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, academics and philanthropists experienced several failures along the way, but they wouldn’t be where they are if they hadn’t believed in themselves.

Confidence in Relationships

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Having self confidence will also help your teen develop strong relationships. It helps them to become willing to take the risk of being vulnerable to another person. Furthermore, they’ll be brave enough to admit when they’re wrong and have the confidence to move toward reconciliation within a relationship.

It can also be the saving factor within an abusive relationship. Having self-worth and knowing that they deserve better can lead them to seek changes or even a way out—possibly by opening up to you or a trusted figure to help them.

Confidence to Stay Positive

With self confidence, your teen will be able to keep negativity at bay. It’s so easy for us to be our harshest critics and while those thoughts might still crop up now and then, your teen can see them for what they are—pessimism, not truth—when they’ve developed self esteem. In other words, your teen can stay positive, even in times of turmoil. To help your teen develop an optimistic outlook, they can try repeating some of these positive affirmations aloud.

Confidence to Form Your Own Values and Opinions

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As we grow older, we start to strengthen our beliefs and values on a variety of matters. But if we’re constantly looking to others for their approval, then we aren’t really forming our own opinions—just copying theirs. If your teen believes in him or herself, they’ll be able to observe the world around them in a clear and critical manner, allowing them to develop their own values that can guide their actions.

There are so many positive effects from believing in oneself, which can lead to lasting benefits throughout your teen’s life as they try new things, pursue different goals and engage in meaningful relationships. As your teen grows more self-assured, they’ll be able to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.

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