Ways to Stay Physically Healthy as a Teen

When you’re trying to stay on top of your course work, participate in extracurriculars and still spend time with friends, it can be tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Teenagers benefit from staying active and eating well in many ways, so make sure you’re following these tips to keep your brain and body in sync.

Especially during the tumultuous time of adolescence, physical health is just as important as mental health. Lucky for you, there are lots of fun and easy ways to make sure you’re getting enough exercise, sleeping well and eating healthy.

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Exercise Regularly

Whether you’re on a school sports team, dance at your local studio, or enjoy taking your family dog for a daily walk, remaining active is an important part of being a healthy teen. Exercising releases endorphins—naturally produced feel-good chemicals—in your brain; these are what cause a “runner’s high.” Exercising keeps your mood positive, increases your ability to focus and aids in growth and development.

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Put down the phones, tablets, computers and video games and get outside! There is so much see in the world outdoors, and exploring it keeps us fit and active. Getting in touch with mother nature is also a great way to relax and spend time with family and friends.

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Eat your Veggies

Junk food is aptly named. A poor diet can cause childhood diabetes and obesity and set young people up for heart problems when they’re older. Maintaining a well-balanced diet (that includes a treat now and then) will keep energy levels high, help you focus at school and make you physically and mentally healthy.

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Catch some Z’s

Not enough teens get the recommended eight to 10 hours of sleep a night, which can affect their academic and sport performance, social life and mood. With the proper amount of sleep, teens will be able to pay attention in class, have enough energy for after-school sports and extracurriculars and keep their bodies on track for healthy growth.

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Manage Stress

It’s not easy to maintain regular eating, exercising and sleep patterns when we’re feeling stressed. Dealing with the problem now is going to be more beneficial in the long run. If you’re feeling stressed out, talk to a parent, friend or teacher and come up with a solution to beat the stress. Maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle will also reduce stress and keep you feeling positive.

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