Ways to Cope with Compulsive Exercising

There are a lot of benefits to exercising, but there’s also such a thing as being too active. Exercising for the wrong reasons, such as unnecessary weight loss, can cause injuries and health problems down the road. With this in mind, here are a ways to cope if you find yourself exercising compulsively.

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Interrogate why you exercise

Ask yourself why you like to exercise and if you’re doing it too often. Do you push yourself to work out even if you don’t feel well or have an injury? Do you enjoy it or does it feel like something you have to do?

Teens Doing Yoga - Teen RehabTalk to someone

Talking to a coach, parent or teacher will help you come to terms with the situation and open doors to get help. Don’t be afraid of disappointing someone by telling them you have to slow down. After all, they’re most concerned about your health and well-being.

Baseball Player - Teen RehabRest up

Your body needs rest—and not just sleep, but days off from playing sports and exercising. Get enough sleep at night and take a few days off a week from sports to pursue the other things you love. If it helps, sign up for an activity with a friend and hold yourself accountable to going.

Do Not Disturb Hotel Sign - Teen RehabTalk to yourself

Changing the way you talk and think to yourself can ultimately change your perspective on your appearance and health. Keep your thoughts—and actions—positive.

Rearview Mirror - Teen RehabGet your fill of food

Compulsive exercising is often linked to eating disorders. When your body is expending so much energy it needs to be replenished with healthy, energizing foods.

Pasta Dinner - Teen RehabReshape your relationship with exercise

There are so many great aspects to exercise that benefit our daily lives. Look for the positive reasons to exercise, such as making new friends on a sports team or feeling energized and happy.

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Find a support system

Surrounding yourself with supportive family, friends and teammates will reduce stress and make the recovery journey less daunting.

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Feature Image: Tim Gouw