Ways to Cope with Teen Eating Disorders

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There are different types of eating disorders, the most common of which are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. While frightening, eating disorders are manageable with the right support system and attitude.

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Seek counseling

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Counseling and/or therapy can help you come to terms with your disorder and figure out ways to become healthier.

Write it down

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Keeping a journal is a therapeutic way to express your feelings, notice behavioral patterns, and ultimately find solutions to living a healthier life.

Love yourself

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Focus on your positives, not your negatives, and tell yourself what you love about your personality and your body. This will improve body-image and boost self-esteem.

Keep a food journal

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This kind of journalling is a bit different since you record what and when you eat and how you’re feeling at the time. It will help you notice emotional and behavioral patterns associated with food.


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Eating disorders can be caused by stress, so find a way to relax every day. Some examples are walking, meditating, or spending time with family and friends.

Find a support system

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Whether it’s your family, friends, or a combination of loved ones, having a support system is essential to getting well and keeping a positive outlook.

Create a meal plan

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Setting out what and when you are going to eat can help keep you on track to maintaining a healthy weight. Seek assistance from a dietician or doctor is necessary.