Ways to Cope with Teen Anxiety

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Teenage years are a stressful, but there’s a difference between stress and anxiety. Stress is mental or emotional strain or tension; anxiety is more intense, serious and long-lasting. Here are some ways to manage anxiety if you find yourself feeling out of control.

Keep a journal

Writing in Journal - Teen Rehab

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Writing about what is bothering you or stressing you out helps you come to terms with the issue and come up with a plan to solve the problem. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself.

Be healthy

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Exercising and eating a healthy diet are great ways to feel better and reduce stress. Endorphins released from exercising are mood-boosters and help you decrease anxiety.


Teen Meditating - Teen Rehab

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Meditating is hard at first, but don’t be discouraged. With practice, you’ll learn how to let stressful thoughts enter and pass through your mind.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping - Teen Rehab

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Sleep is very important for growing teens and anxiety can cause unbalanced sleep patterns. Create a bedtime routine to relax and make sure you catch your z’s.

Be positive

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Changing the way you think can reduce stress and worry. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and surround yourself with like-minded people.

Understand what makes you tick

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Figure out what makes you anxious, whether it be school or family issues, and find ways to avoid situations where those stressors are present.

Talk it out

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Sharing your feelings is not always easy, but talking with a friend, parent or teacher will lift a weight off your shoulders. Chances are, they’ve been through something very similar.