How to Turn a Bad Day Around

We’ve all had those bad days where everything seems to go wrong. Your alarm doesn’t go off, you miss the bus, you’re late to class, you get picked on at lunch and your parents are fighting at home. Days like these can be really hard to get through, especially if you’re struggling with a mental illness like anxiety or depression. However, even though bad days can feel overwhelming, it’s important to keep a positive attitude so that you don’t let your week get off track or jeopardize your recovery. If you’ve had a rough day, try some of these helpful ways to turn a bad day around.

Keep Your Thoughts Positive

It’s hard to stay positive when things are going wrong, but keeping a positive attitude is key in turning your day around. Negative thoughts like “there’s no use in trying” and “I’ll always feel this way” will only make you feel worse, so try replacing them with thoughts like “I’ve gotten through bad days before and will do it again, or “these bad feelings are only temporary.” You may find it helpful to focus on a short-term goal you’ve set for yourself, or to remind yourself of all the good things you appreciate in life.

Engage in Soothing Activities

Bad Day Soothing Activities Help

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Everyone has different activities that soothe them, whether it’s knitting, coloring, playing the guitar, watching a funny movie or having a warm shower or bath. When you’ve had a bad day, you can help yourself feel better by engaging in a soothing activity that will allow you to focus on pleasant feelings rather than difficult circumstances.

Spend Time Around Uplifting People

Sometimes it’s good to be around other people when you’ve had a bad day, but make sure they’re positive people who won’t make your mood worse. Close friends, siblings and even parents may be able to help you get out of your funk. If you don’t feel you have any people around you that could make you feel better, try spending some time with an animal. They make for great listeners because they’ll never judge you for having a bad day, and many people find spending time with animals therapeutic.

Get Moving

Exercise Help Bad Day Yoga Stretching

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While exercise is often the last thing you want to do during the bad days, it’s actually one of the best choices you could make. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, which are a type of chemical that can help improve moods, boost confidence and reduce depression. There are so many different types of exercise that you’re bound to find one you enjoy, whether it’s walking the dog, yoga, football or shooting hoops in the driveway. Even just a 10 minute burst of physical activity can be enough to get the endorphins pumping.

When you’re having a bad day, remember that there are some things you can do to turn it around and make it better. Bad days happen to everyone, but with these tips, they’ll hopefully happen less often.

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