Trouble Sleeping? 5 Things to Do Before Bed

Insomnia is common in our culture. We’re all so stressed out and constantly on the go that our minds never seem to shut off—not even when we lay down to sleep. Creating a calming bedtime routine can help still the mind and get the brain and body ready for sleep. Here are some things to add to your bedtime routine to ensure a restful night.

Have A Bath

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Warm baths are an excellent way to relax not only our minds, but our muscles as well. Run a bath a couple hours before bed so you have enough time for a relaxing soak, get your things ready for the next day and complete the rest of your bedtime routine.

Get Ready for Tomorrow

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Instead of lying in bed creating lists of everything you have to do when you wake up, do some of it before you even lay your head to rest. Pack your lunch and work or school bag and lay out your clothes. Write out everything you need to do the next day so your mind is a little quieter.


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Reading before bed helps us calm down. It takes the mind off our busy lives so that we focus on something else. Find a good book and read a bit of it in the bath, on the couch or even in bed before you turn out the lights.

Lay off the Caffeine

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Tea is a lovely, soothing drink to have an hour or so before bed, but make sure you have decaffeinated tea. Otherwise, the caffeine in regular tea will keep you up. Same goes for coffee, and cola drinks that have high amounts of caffeine and sugar in them, which can keep you lying awake in bed for hours.


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Journalling at the end of the day helps us to let go of any stress or tension we’ve been carrying around with us all day. It’s a private activity that lets us get things off our chest without having to worry about anyone else seeing it. Keep a notebook beside your bed to remind you to write a little bit before getting some shut eye.

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