Teen Rehab Tips: Heading Into High School

Upon entering high school, you might be feeling a variety of emotions. Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you’re excited. Maybe you’re completely unsure of how to feel. As you begin this school year and this new phase of adolescence, here are a few tips to help you start out on the right foot.

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Remember That Everyone is New

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Being a new person in a new situation is daunting. On the bright side, you are not the only new person on your first day of high school! So take a deep breath, and remember that you’re not alone. There are teachers, peers and older students that can help answer your questions and make you feel comfortable.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Timetable

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If you can, get your timetable before the first day of classes and become familiar with it. If you can get a map of the school and see where your classes are, even better! The more comfortable you are with these sorts of details the more confident you will be when school begins.

Find a Buddy

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If possible, find one of your friends before heading back to school with who you can talk about your fears and worries (no matter how silly they might seem). It’s also great to have someone who you can go to school with and check in with throughout the day. This will continue to help you to feel confident.

Take Risks and Try Something New

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High school is great because there are so many extracurriculars to participate in! Find out what clubs you can join, teams you can try out for or plays you can audition to be in. Take a risk and try something you never thought you’d try before. This will help you make new friends, too!

Be Confident!

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Above all else, be confident as you head into high school. Remember that this is an opportunity to learn, grow, meet new people and start to discover who you are.

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