Tips for Applying to University

Have you decided to apply to college or university? That’s great! There are tons of options for schools, programs and areas of study—but where to start? Look no further.


Do Your Research

Know what area of study you want to major in? Maybe you’ve had a specific university in mind, or even a general location. The options are almost endless, but you can narrow down your list by doing some research. Online is a great place to start, as most colleges and universities have comprehensive websites that detail programs, courses and student life. You can also make appointments to visit a campus, take a tour and spend a day with a student.


Make a Plan B

Some students have their hearts set on one school, or maybe a particular state where they want to attend college, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Schools are competitive and there is only so much room for new students. It’s worth it to apply to more than just your top choice (or top three) to make sure you have all bases covered.



Image University of Central Arkansas


Set Deadlines

Deadlines are very important when it comes to college applications; there are early and regular admissions, special dates for varsity athletes, open houses—you name it! Keep track of all important dates and admissions deadlines in a calendar that you check regularly. If possible, try and submit everything a little early to ensure it gets to the admissions office on time.


Go the Extra Mile

If your heart is set on one school, it’s going to take some extra work to make sure you get that acceptance letter. Know what it is about that school you find so special, and write about it in your letter of intent (as part of the admissions package). Be sure to bulk up your resume with extracurriculars that give you experience in your chosen field. It never hurts to develop a relationship with your high school counsellor—she can guide you through the admissions process.


The admissions process is a long one, so get ready for the ride. The best you can do is ensure you are prepared, submit all documents on time, and cross your fingers.


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