Tips for Detoxing Your Mind and Body

It feels really nice to reset the body and mind every once in a while, and detoxing is a great option to help you feel refreshed. Here are some tips for detoxing your mind and body.


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Most of us spend our day in front of a computer, phone or some type of screen. Give your eyes and brain a break and exchange your tablet for a book or play a board game with friends instead of chatting online. This will help your mind reset and give your back a break from hunching over all day.


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Yoga is a form of exercise that works to release tension and detox the body. Its meditative element also helps calm the mind while improving strength, balance and flexibility. There are tons of free yoga videos online that you can practice to at home, or you can check for free classes at studios in your community.

Eating Well

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Start off easy by including more veggies into your meals or trying a meatless dinner once a week. Healthy foods provide your body and mind with the nutrients needed to operate at maximum potential and help to flush out any toxins in your body.

Good Company

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The company you keep has a stronger influence on you than you might think. The better our company, the healthier our brain, and ultimately our body. When we spend time with negative people, their bad energy brings us down—our thoughts become negative and tension builds up in our bodies. Look around at who you’re spending time with and let go of any people who are dragging you down.

Love Yourself

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Loving yourself is so important to keeping a healthy mind and body. We are so busy trying to impress other people that we often forget about the most important person: ourselves. Take a bit of time everyday to do something for yourself, whether it’s a morning meditation, having a relaxing bath, or going for a run after school or work. And think good thoughts about yourself because you deserve to feel that love.

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