The Best Health Advice for Teen Boys

If you’re a teenage boy looking for easy, straightforward tips for maintaining your health, look no further! Teen Rehab has the best health advice that will keep you safe, healthy and happy in the years to come.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

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Sure, burgers are delicious, but eating junk food every day doesn’t help your body or your mind to feel healthy. Explore other, healthier options to help keep your weight stable, your mood lifted and your energy boosted. Getting the right amount of sleep can help with this too so try to get around nine and a half hours of sleep a night.

The Benefits of Exercise

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Whether it’s just walking to and from school or participating in a competitive sport, getting exercise every day is very important. Cardio, muscle and bone strengthening are all important components of your regular workout, so be sure to add a little variety now and then. Just remember, everything in moderation.

Practicing Proper Hygiene

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It may sound boring, but practicing good hygiene every day is really important to your overall health. Take a shower every day, brush your teeth and wash your face twice a day and don’t forget to do laundry frequently. Hey, not only will you feel better, but the girls you meet will thank you for it.

Understanding STIs

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As you start understanding sexuality more, it’s important to become aware of Sexually Transmitted Infections, or STIs. What are STIs? They are viruses that are spread through sexual contact. If your sexual partner has an STI, you can catch it through any type of sex. It’s important to educate yourself on proper safe sex practices, even before you become sexually active.

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