How to Contribute to Your Teen’s Confidence

Being a teen is stressful, but as a parent you can help boost their confidence with a few simple acts of kindness.

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Compliment Them

Give your teen a compliment. Whether it concerns their school project or their team’s big win, tell your teen they’re doing a great job as often as you can.
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Listen to Them

Give your teen your undivided attention when they come to you to talk or when you’re both in the same room. Even if you aren’t having a conversation, putting distractions aside is a signal that the lines of communication are open. They will feel respected and confident as a result.

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Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

Encourage your teen to join a sports team, swap out junk food for a nutritious snack or spend time outdoors to improve their physical and mental health.

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Be a Role Model

Practice what you preach when it comes to your teen. If you want them to eat well, make a family meal that is full of veggies and other nutritious foods. This way, no one is being singled out and the whole family is improving together.

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Show Interest

Talk to you teen and show interest in their life. They may not want to open up right away but it’s important for them to know that you are interested in and care about them and their life.

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