Help Your Teen Deal With A Struggling Friend

Help your teen deal with a struggling or troubled friend by equipping them with tools they can use to navigate tough social situations and relationships.

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Talk to Them

Talk to your teen about their friend who is struggling or about what to do if this issue comes up. Teach them appropriate ways to respond to people who are having a rough time as well as when is the right time to reach out for additional help.

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Discuss School Services

Educate yourself and then your teen on counseling and support services offered at their school. Talk to your teen about how they can encourage their friend to seek out these services.

Be Supportive

Rather than tell your teen to stop hanging out with their troubled friends, let them know you are there if they need to talk or if they get into a jam. After all, you want them to be safe more than anything else.

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Educate Yourself and Your Teen

If there is a specific problem your teen’s friend is experiencing—for example, depression or substance abuse—educate yourself and your teen on the topic. Then, you’ll have better understanding of what the friend is experiencing and how to properly handle the situation.

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