Teen Rehab Tips: Your First Relationship

Relationships are exciting and scary, especially if it’s your first one! You might feel nervous, have trouble sleeping and just might not know how to act. Here are some tips to keep in mind during your first relationship.

Featured image Amie Fedora

Open Communication

Open communication is key to a healthy relationship. When you’re the one sharing, be sure to say what you mean and mean what you say—honesty goes a long way. And hey, maybe you’ll even be able to laugh about some of the funnier miscommunications you have!

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Set and Respect Boundaries

We all have different levels of comfort. And in a relationship it’s important to respect your partner’s boundaries as well as your own. Be open with each other about what you are and aren’t comfortable with and don’t push each other past those limits.

Don’t Lose Your Hobbies

Before you met your partner, you had your own friends and your own hobbies. Be careful not to lose these! While spending time with your partner is important, it’s also important to have your own interests and to continue spending time with your friends. Don’t feel that you need to change to be more like your partner. Instead, remember that they like you because of who you are!

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Respect and Trust

Respect and trust are two of the most key aspects in any relationship. Always remember that you are two different people with two different minds! You will each have your own wishes, interests, and ideas—be sure that you respect each others, as this will build a strong foundation for trust.

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