Teen Rehab Tips: Spring Break

Spring break is fast approaching and for most students, it couldn’t come any sooner.  It’s a fantastic time of year to get some rest, catch up with friends and maybe even get out of town. For those of you with wanderlust, here are some tips for staying safe as you begin to make your spring break plans.

Do Your Research

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Planning your spring break trip takes time and thought. Whether you’re  going on a road trip with some friends, camping nearby, or jetting off to somewhere warm, there are several things to keep in mind. Be sure you choose a reliable travel service when booking, that you know where you will be staying and that you get a good sense of the area and any risks you may encounter. Let your parents help you with this process as it will ease their minds to know more about your plans.

Get to Know the Culture

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Are you travelling to a foreign destination? Be sure to get to know the culture you will be entering. Learning some common phrases in the local language is helpful, as is understanding the basics of what is and isn’t appropriate. For example, in some places it’s important to dress more modestly.

Choose Your Travel Companions Wisely

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It can be tempting to go along with whoever sounds like they will have the wildest adventure over spring break, but try to consider a few other factors when deciding who you will travel with. Ensure they are people who you feel comfortable around, even in difficult situations. Choose friends who are financially responsible and who will stick to the plans your group has made.

Be Cautious With Your Belongings

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Do you have a favorite gold necklace that your parents bought you as a graduation present? Or a watch from your grandparents? It might be best to leave these things at home. Never travel with anything too valuable as things often get lost or stolen. Avoid carrying around large sums of cash and, if you’re in a questionable area, opt to bring a money belt. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When in Doubt, Plan a “Staycation”

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Don’t have any plans to go away? Don’t worry! There are many ways you can enjoy yourself at home this spring break. Find out which friends are in town and make some plans together. You can have a backyard campout, be tourists in your own town, volunteer, find odd jobs to make some extra cash or go on day trips. In all cases, remember to stay safe and have fun.

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