Teen Rehab Tips: Going to College

Shipping off to college is a fun and exhilarating time in one’s life—but it can also be a bit intimidating for someone fresh out of high school. It’s a time to gain knowledge, both about yourself and the world you live in, as well as to make friendships that will last a lifetime. In order to help you make the transition, here are 8 tips to ensure that your time at college is even more memorable.

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1. Get to Know People in Your Dorm

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Your dorm is a great place to wipe your social slate clean and meet a lot of new people. Try keeping your door open or inviting people into your space. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your social circle comfort zone.

2. Get to Know Your Professors

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Professors can seem intimidating at first, but they are eager to help you learn. Introduce yourself on the first day of class (especially if you’re in a large one) and attend office hours for one-on-one support. The same goes for TAs, or Teachers’ Assistants, if your class has them.

3. Get to Know Your College’s Resources

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Colleges often offer a variety of resources that are sometimes under-utilized. If you need special accommodations, access to a counselor, a nurse, the gym, the library or financial assistance, be sure to go to your college’s main office to see what is available to you. It never hurts to ask!

4. Back Up Your Files

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There’s nothing worse than having a huge assignment due, pulling an all-nighter, then losing the document on your computer just before it’s due! Be sure to back up your files up over the internet, either with Dropbox or Google Drive, to save yourself from any last minute scares.

5. Eat and Sleep Well

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The Freshman 15 is a real thing, and it happens when you’re suddenly responsible for your own meals. Instead of running to the campus cafeteria every day, be sure to continue eating balanced meals (vegetables included). Getting a regular night’s sleep is also important, and when paired with a healthy meal it can help to reduce stress and improve your mood and energy levels.

6. Look Beyond Academics

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Have you ever wanted to try fencing? What about dabbling in student politics? Well, you’re in luck because there is so much more to college life than just academics. While classes should be your focus, it’s important to balance these responsibilities out by pursuing  extracurriculars. Attend your college’s club fair and get involved in something you’re interested in or passionate about. This will look great on your resume once you graduate, too.

7. Learn Financial Responsibility

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College is a great opportunity to learn more about managing your finances. If you don’t have one already, set up your own bank account with a bank that’s near your college. Try organizing a simple budget so that you know how much money you are spending and, if possible, get a part -time job for a few hours a week to help with extra expenses.

8. Take Risks

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Above all else, college is a time for taking risks, meeting new people and trying new things. Step out of your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed at how much you grow, learn and experience.

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