The Best Teen Health Blogs to Check Out

When it comes to health and well-being, you wish you could answer all your teen’s questions, but in some cases, you won’t always have the right answer. You can, however, provide your teen with resources that include expert advice and guidance. Here are a few excellent online sources on mental and physical wellness that will help your teen maintain proper self care.

Mind Your Mind

Photo by Mind Your Mind

Mind Your Mind is an online resource with tips on self care—from stress relief to healthy eating to suicide prevention. A cool part of their site is the mindf#!k blog, where contributors share their personal mental health stories. Mind Your Mind provides both expert advice and firsthand accounts to let your teen know they’re not alone.


Photo by TeenSpeak

On TeenSpeak, mentors, youth advisors and healthcare providers share their advice and experiences with teen issues, including mental illness and sex education. The site, which is run by the staff at the Center for Young Women’s Health, aims to provide accurate health and wellness information with a personal touch.

Photo by offers scientific yet easy to understand information on a range of mental health topics that are relevant to teens. A handy aspect of this  site is its Toolbox page, which shares online resources for teens, families and educators. These products include a transitions app and e-book, a mental health and high school curriculum guide as well as a teen/parent series that highlights different family perspectives.[](

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You’ll find personal stories shared by teens on, which focuses on substance abuse, sexuality, grief and other serious issues. The site also includes a forum where teens can have discussions and provide support for one another.

While we can’t always give our teens all the answers, we can still help by making sure they’re able to find what they’re searching for. Let them look through these blogs for what’s most interesting and relevant to them, and remind them that you’re available to discuss anything they come across in their reading.

Besides visiting these blogs, you and your teen can explore our online archives on topics related to alcohol, prescription drugs, mental health and more.

Feature Photo: Álvaro Serrano