Simple (and Inexpensive Ways) to Improve Your Mental Health

On a tight budget and looking for ways to improve your mental health? Don’t worry—there are lots of ways to improve your mental well-being without emptying your pockets. Here are five ways to boost your mood and overall mental well-being without spending much at all.


Exercising reduces stress and can ward off depression and anxiety, and quell it if already present. You don’t need a gym membership to sweat—go for a walk or run around your neighborhood, or do exercises in the park that only require your body weight. There are also lots of free yoga and exercise videos online, if you need a little extra push.Man Walking On Snowy Trail In The Mountains - Teen Rehab Photo by Kristoffer Trolle


Journaling doesn’t have to be expensive unless you want to splurge and get an extra-fancy notebook. But for now, a simple school notebook or something from the dollar store will serve the purpose. As long as you have something to write on, journaling helps to release feelings, worries and stress by getting the thoughts out of our heads and onto paper. Maybe try a gratitude journal or another form of journaling to mix things up.
Hand Writing In Notebook - Teen RehabPhoto by eklarkins

Get Outside

The great outdoors is an amazing place to improve your mental health. The best thing is there isn’t really anything you need to do while you’re out there other than breathe. Refreshing our minds and bodies with clean and fresh air helps re-stimulate the brain and wakes us up if we’re feeling groggy. For extra benefit, try exercising outside. Feet Splash Water - Teen RehabPhoto by bark

Eat Well

Switch out that bag of chips for a bowl of fruit or veggies. Eating healthy foods is a cheaper option than processed snack foods that are full of sugar and fat. Plus, there are tons of nutrients in healthy foods that are good for your brain and heart.Bowl Of Fruit - Teen Rehab Photo by connie58

Group Counseling

There are lots of organizations that host community meetings or group counseling sessions that are open to anyone and don’t cost a penny. These are safe places where you can share your experiences, worries and fears, and connect with people who understand what you’re going through.Teenagers Sitting In Cafe - Teen RehabPhoto by kaboompics

Feature Image: True New Zealand Adventures