Simple Group Activities for Teens

You love spending time with your friends, but it can be exhausting trying to come up with something to do that everyone is interested in and can afford. If you’re struggling to come up with some activities that you can do with your group of friends, look no further! We’ve rounded up 6 fun and unique ways to spend time together without having to break the bank.

Looking for some fun, simple group activities to do with your friends? Try out any of these ideas next time you’re itching to try something new. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to come up with even more ideas of your own!

Board Game Tournament

A classic, old fashioned board game tournament is a great way for you and your friends to gather as a group. Plus, it doesn’t matter how many people can come—some games only need two players, others can host many more. Turn the game night into a competition with prizes to be won for a little extra excitement.