Why Being Shy Isn’t a Bad Thing

Too often, people treat shyness like it’s a negative trait. In reality, shy people have a host of great qualities that extroverts tend to miss out on. Here are a few of the benefits to introversion.

You Can Make More Observations

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev

It’s easy to miss things when you’re buzzing from here to there. A byproduct of shyness is that you take the time to absorb your surroundings. Being sensitive to social stimulation can mean that you consider the things and the people around you more thoughtfully.

You Can Hear More of What Others Have to Say

Photo by Cole Hutson

Talking to people in social situations can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re more comfortable lending an ear than being the center of attention. Being more on the quiet side encourages people around you to speak up—and allows you to really hear them.

You Can Feel Comfortable on Your Own

Photo by lee Scott

Some extroverts can have a tough time feeling comfortable when they’re alone. Your shyness is actually a strength when it comes to being at ease by yourself and learning to do things on your own.

You May Be More Creative

Photo by Aidan Meyer

People who spend more time on their own have room to let their mind wander and stretch creatively. Those who are shy tend to spend more time engaged in hobbies suited for individual engagement, like writing, reading or drawing.

You Can Develop Deeper Friendships

Photo by Michael Ramey

When it comes to friendships, shy people favor quality over quantity. Having fewer acquaintances allows you to focus on the people who really matter to you. You may not have a large roster of people you consider a friend, but the lucky few who make it onto that list can enjoy your thoughtfulness and loyalty.

While there are times when shyness holds people back, there are also many benefits to this trait. The takeaway: shyness is a source of strength. It means you can lead a rich inner life and have characteristics that will ultimately contribute to your success.

Feature Image: Daria Nepriakhina