Why a Routine is So Important for Teens

Most parents know how important routine is for infants and toddlers, but it’s just as important to establish regular habits with teens. It might be difficult for your teen to create a routine on their own, but there are many benefits and you can do your part to help them.

It Keeps Them Engaged and Active

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Teens who don’t have a routine often spend their personal time lazing on the couch in front of the TV or on the phone with friends. This can cause them to lose track of time and forget about homework, chores and other responsibilities. Teens who have a routine at home know that their free time can start after they’ve taken care of class assignments and household duties.

It Helps Them Set Goals

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A routine helps teens learn how to set goals and work toward them. If your teen’s routine involves a 30-minute period devoted to studying on top of regular homework, they’ll feel encouraged when they receive better test scores and grades.

It Helps Them Establish Lifelong Habits

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Teens who have a routine that helps them accomplish everything they need to do in a day—from getting ready for school in the morningto preparing a healthy lunch to finishing a class project in the evening—will continue good habits in their college and work life. Teens who’ve never followed a routine often struggle when they move away from home because they don’t know how to organize their activities and set priorities on what needs to get done.

It Reduces Confusion and Frustration

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A lack of a home routine could set you and your teen up for arguments. For example, if you haven’t scheduled a regular time for dinner, you may be upset when your teen misses the meal because they didn’t know dinner had been moved to an earlier (or later) time. Having a routine helps ensure everyone in the family is on the same page.

It Fosters Responsibility

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With a routine, teens learn to take responsibility; they have tasks to do and know when they’re expected to complete those tasks. Teens who don’t have a homework or chore routine will have a very hard time later in life trying to motivate themselves to study hard for a test, do the laundry or meet a work deadline.

It Gives Them a Sense of Security

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Some teens feel very scattered and anxious because they feel like everything is constantly changing. Friends come and go, their bodies are developing and as a result, they may lack a sense of self. A routine can provide teens with some structure amidst all the unknowns in their lives.

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