Qualities to Look For In A Counselor

Finding the right counselor to fit your personal needs and personality is worth the time and effort. Here are four qualities to look for in any counselor to ensure you get the most from your treatment.

Comfort and Trust

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Find a counselor who you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. This is the person you will ultimately tell all your secrets, concerns and problems during recovery. They will be with you every step of the way during your treatment and rehab, and not feeling comfortable with them or their practices could negatively affect your healing process.

Emotional Stability

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You are seeking counseling because you’re mentally, emotionally and/or physically unstable and want help. Ensure you are seeking advice and guidance from someone who can act as your rock during this time. You also want to feel confident that they’re providing sound advice and leading you in the right direction on your path to recovery.

Good Listener

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During counseling, you’ll likely be talking a lot. You want a counselor who will listen to everything you say and provide individualized feedback, which will help tailor your treatment.

Care and Empathy

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Find a counselor who genuinely cares about help others. A counselor who cares will let you know that they believe in you, will go out of their way to help, and give you their undivided attention during sessions. Knowing that a counselor cares also shows that they respect you as a client and your initiatives to get well.

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