Teen Rehab Tips: How To Be A Positive Role Model for Your Friends

Whether we realize it or not, our friends look up to us and admire us. It may seem strange to think that someone your own age and height could look at you as a role model, but it’s true. Knowing this, you want to be a positive role model, someone who has a positive influence on others. Here are some tips for how to be a positive role model for your friends.


Be Kind

Kindness takes little effort and goes a long way. Be kind not only to your friends, but teachers, parents and other kids so that your friends will see what a positive impact it has on others. Being around someone who is kind makes you want to be kind as well—positivity attracts positivity. If your friends see you being kind to others, chances are they will give it a try themselves.


Share Your Goals

Tell your friends about your goals and ambitions and ask them what theirs are. There is such thing as a growth mindset, which active learners and goal-seekers have. These people strive to be the best they can be, and knowing they have friends who share those values will encourage them to stick to their guns and dreams.


Image Trent McBride

Be Respectful

Respect, like kindness, is a powerful tool that can and should be used, but is often forgotten. Be respectful of your friends’ beliefs, wishes and dreams, as well as those of anyone around you—parents, teachers, peers, and co-workers. The more respect you have for other people, the more respect they will have for you.


Walk Away

Know when it is right to walk away from a situation. This could mean trusting your gut, or knowing better than to follow someone else’s lead. Being brave and standing up for what you believe in is important and a strong quality to have. When friends see you standing up for yourself, it will make them less afraid when it’s their turn to make the decision.


Kids are very impressionable and are always looking for role models to guide them in the right direction. Having friends who support you and who are kind people are great role models to have, even if it feels funny “looking up” to your buddy. We all have something to offer, so don’t be afraid to look to your friend for guidance.


Feature image Pepe Pont