Positive Hobbies For Your Teen

Whether we played on a team, sang in the choir or made model cars, all of us had some sort of hobby we enjoyed as a teen. If your child is looking for their next great passion, you can help them discover it.Hobbies and extracurricular activities are great for keeping your teen busy and out of trouble. Here are just a few fun hobbies you might encourage your children to try.

Trumpet On Sheet Music - Teen RehabSports

Playing sports is a good way to meet new people, stay active and be part of a group activity. It will also help your teen develop stronger social skills and gain confidence as they find their fit within a team.

Team Sports Rowing - Teen RehabArt and Crafts

Help your teen explore their creative side by painting, crafting or writing—who knows what you might discover! Most local rec centers will offer classes, or your child’s art teacher might even let them use materials after school for free.


Journalling is shown to reduce stress and depression and help teens come to terms with issues they may be facing in their lives. It’s also a calming and reflective activity and one that might inspire them to unleash their creative side.

Journalling - Teen Rehab

Playing Music

Playing and listening to music reduces stress and can help teens tap into their musical side. Encourage them to play around on a guitar or a piano or enroll them in lessons at school or in the community.

Guitar Strings - Teen Rehab


Volunteering is one of the best hobbies your teen can have, since it’s a way to give back to the community and become a part of a larger cause. See what’s happening at your local church or if there are any clubs at your teen’s school that are organizing activities.

Community Service Volunteering - Teen Rehab


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