Parenting Tips for Teen Girls

Parenting a teen girl is not an easy job. Here are some ways to make things a little easier.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

There will be arguments, minor differences and full-blown fights between you and your teen, so choose your battles wisely. If she dyes her hair pink but is keeping her grades up and hanging with a good crowd, then consider letting that one slide. Not only will this keep your relationship positive, it will also give you more leverage when a serious situation comes up.

Teen Girl Pink Hair - Teen RehabBe Interested, Not Intrusive

It can be hard to tell when your teen wants to talk about something or if she wants you to guess something’s up. Show interest in her life but don’t be nosy. Try asking how her friends are doing, if there are any fun events coming up, or if she needs help with any schoolwork. This will show your daughter your interest and she will know you’re there if she needs someone to talk to.

Mother Daughter Walking Talking - Teen RehabTalk To Her

There are a lot of changes that occur during the teen years—bodies are changing, friends are exploring new cliques, and curious teens are possibly experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The best thing to do to keep your teen safe is to talk to her about the changes happening around her (and to her) and about how she can make herself feel most comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Happy Mother Daughter - Teen Rehab

Find What Works Best

All teens are different, so paying attention to your daughter’s reaction to different events or scenarios to find the best way to handle situations with her. If she’s sensitive, try talking to her in a calmer voice and don’t place direct blame on her. You know your child best, so use that to your advantage when making the best parenting decisions.

Happy Mother Daughter - Teen Rehab